Home Buyer

Buying your first home can seem daunting. The amount of work that goes into the process can look overwhelming and confusing. But our step-by-step guide breaks down the first-time home-buying process to make it surprisingly simple. Follow our Rockwell Homes roadmap and get home-buying right the first time.



Get pre-approved for a mortgage


Talk to a mortgage professional before you start the hunt and get pre-qualified, it will help you know what kind of a price and payment you can afford so you don’t fall in love with something that may be just out of your reach. You wouldn’t want to be looking at a $300,000 home on a $200,000 budget.

Pre-qualifying for a mortgage demonstrates that you are qualified and can afford a home. In the case of multiple offers, sellers look for those who are pre-qualified rather than those who aren’t.

To apply for pre-qualification you’ll have to find a lender. We’ve found that local banks are the most cooperative, but any bank of your choice will be able to help you get pre-qualified.

For questions, please call us at 208-313-3255 and we can set up an appointment to help you in this process.




Start hunting for houses within your price range

Once you have been pre-qualified and talked with a Rockwell Homes sales representative, determine what you need in terms of location, price range, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, school districts you like, the general layout of the home, and more.

Then begin researching. Our online tools show you exactly what’s available and help you narrow down your list of homes.

Check out our Quick Move-Ins or give us a call at 208.313.3255!




Research Rockwell homes’ floor plans & communities

“Photos don’t do it justice” is exactly the mindset you need to have when home-buying. Look for floor plans, because floor plans can’t lie. They show you the exact layout and physical space of the property. Looking at the different communities also helps narrow down what locations you prefer.

Then when you’ve found a floor plans and communities that spark your interest, give us a call at 208.313.3255 to view them in-person.




Set up an appointment to discuss a purchase contract

If you’ve found a place that hits all your marks, act quickly. Give us a call at 208.313.3255 to find the right home and to submit a purchase agreement.




Closing on your new Rockwell Home

If your purchasing agreement is accepted, you will enter contract. Then the closing date of your new home will be determined by the stage of construction the home is at.

As your closing date draws near, you will be working closely with Shon and your loan officer to address items such as closing costs (appraisal fees, title insurance, property taxes, etc.) and to determine the closing date of your home.

Soon, you’ll have the keys to your new Rockwell home and will be able to begin moving in.